maandag 19 december 2011

The Christmas Tree Fairy + The Holly Fairy

Na een lange afwezigheid door omstandigheden, wil ik jullie bij deze hele fijne kerstdagen en een gelukkig 2012 toewensen!
Ik hoop vanaf nu weer vaker tijd te hebben om mijn blog bij te werken.

The Christmas Tree Fairy

The little Christmas tree was born
And dwelt in open air;
It did not guess how bright a dress
Someday it's boughs would wear;
Brown cones were all, it thought, a tall
And grown-up Fir would bear.

O little Fir! Your forest home
is far and far away;
And here indoors these boughs of yours
With coloured balls are gay,
With candle-light, and tinsel bright
For this is Christmas Day

A dolly-fairy stands on top, Till children sleep, then she
(A live one now!) from bough to bough
Goes gliding silently.
O magic sight, this joyous night!
O laden, sparkling tree!

The Song of the Holly Fairy

O, I am green in Winter-time,
When other trees are brown;
Of all the trees (so sayeth the rhyme)
The holly bears the crown.
December days are drawing near
When I shall come to town,
And carol-boys go singing clear
Of all the trees (O hush and hear!)
The holly bears the crown.
For who so well-beloved and merry
As the scarlett Holly Berry?

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